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The best value efox electronic cigarette starter kit . Look no further than the Efox 510 Basic electronic cigarette kit, the best value available for smokers looking for healthier alternatives to foul-smelling tobacco cigarettes. It’s also “green” minded; the eco-friendly packaging is equivalent to dozens of cigarette packs. Our new technology satisfies your nicotine desires in a most convenient package.
Our Electric Cigarette Starter Kit contains quality built accessories with a sleek design. Choose from either elegant black or stylish white. The featherweight electronic cigarette starter kit is embossed with the Efox logo on the front. Its semi-matte finish is easily grasped, preventing slippage. With just a twist or two, you’re ready to Vape. The advanced atomization technology is the catalyst that triggers the wafting vapors billowing from the cartridge. When charged, the e cigarette starter kit can last as long as 330 puffs or the equivalent of two packs of conventional tobacco cigarettes. With the five pre-filled/refillable cartridges included, the 510 Basic Starter Kit offers incredible value over tobacco cigarettes.
Every Efox liquid refill contains only the highest purity nicotine diluents. Choose from either USA Tobacco (domestic) or Foxy Port menthol flavor. You also have the option of selecting three levels of nicotine – regular, light or none. The Efox Electric Cigarette Starter Kit utilizes an advanced micro-electric technology, providing excellent value while saving you money. The 10 ml bottle of eliquid included in the kit is the equivalent of a carton of cigarettes. A rechargeable, long-life battery and charger is provided, designed for longevity and value.
Other superior advantages e cigarettes offer are the rapid dissipation of vapor with no foul-smelling tobacco smoke. The Vaping you do won’t offend others and you can “smoke” for days thanks to the Efox long-lasting kit.
In the quest for healthier and more cost-effective alternatives to smoking tobacco, many now buy e cigarettes. E cigs do not burn tobacco; in fact, it never ignites. It’s inhaled like the conventional cigarette but has an electronic component that simulates the act of smoking. The Efox 510 Basic Starter Kit tastes remarkably like tobacco cigarettes. Using a tiny atomizer, the heating element vaporizes the nicotine eliquid inside the cartridge.
Now satisfy your nicotine urges anytime. You are invited to try the Efox Basic Starter Kit today – it’s your first step toward a smoke-free lifestyle.
The 510 Basic Kit with Carrying Case includes
• 1 Efox Carrying Case
• 1 Rechargeable Battery
• 1 Atomizer
• 5 Pre-filled Refillable Cartridges with your choice of USA Tobacco or Foxy menthol
• 1 10 ml bottle of eliquid (equivalent of 20+ pre-filled cartridges and over 200 conventional tobacco cigarettes
• 1 USB Charging Cable with 1 AC Adapter
• 1 User’s Manual

510 Electronic Cigarette Specifications
• Length 116 mm  Circumference 9.2 mm

• 180 mAh input 4.2 v  output3.3 – 4.2 v
• Length 69 mm  Circuference 9.2 mm

510 E-Pack
• Dimensions 95 mm x 57 mm x 25 mm
• 900 mAh  input 4.2 v  output 3.3 – 4.2 v

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